Welcome to the Analogue League !

Studio Front


contact office[at]alphamastering[dot]com


contact office[at]alphamastering[dot]com


ok, but we also have:

- absolutely well tuned Mastering Suite - unbelievable linear frequency response
- incredible accurate and finest matched Speakers

- powered by HYPEX-Amps and our very special, ultraclean Linear Phase digital Crossover

- Prism Sound and Forssell AD/DA Converter


- Crookwood R1  - Puristic Mastering Console 
- Vertigo Sound VSM-2 full version - Stereo Mastering Tool

- SPL PQ - Stereo Mastering EQ + M/S Matrix
- Hendyamps Michelangelo - Stereo Mastering EQ incl. Modifications
- Great River MAQ-2NV - Stereo Mastering EQ Stereo Link
- Buzz Audio MPE1.1 - Class-A EQ incl. Gain Modifications
- API 5500
- Dual Channel EQ incl. Modifications

- Prism Maselec MLA-4 - Multiband Compressor/Expander
- EL.SO. DynaxM - Stereo Opto-Compressor - Mastering Version
- Drawmer S3
- Multiband Stereo Tube Opto Compressor
- Dave Hills Titan x2 - Modern Dynamics !

- API 2500 - Stereo Compressor incl. Modifications
- NTP 179-160 - Oldscool but nice Compressor x2
- GSSL 4000 - Stereo Compressor with "Thrust"-Filter & Sidechain (real Mastering Quality)
- Elysia Nvelope
- Stereo Impulsformer

- Dolby 740 - Spectral Processor
- Barth U311 - Comp, Lim, Exp x2
- Barth W308 - EQ x2
- CLM DB500s Expounder - Dynamic EQ, Reso-Filter, Stereo-EQ
- Prism Maselec DREAM ADA-8 - 8 Channel AD/DA Converter
- Forssell MDAC
- "AlphaSUMMer" Analog Summing Unit - 2x 16CH
- Grimm Audio Cables


- Algorithmix Red, Orange, Blue 
- Algorithmix K-Stereo
- Samplitude Pro
- DIY Analyzer 40" LCD


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